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  Pearson Annual Report 1998    

Principal Subsidiaries and Associates


Subsidiaries Country of
incorporation or registration
The principal operating subsidiaries are listed below.
They operate mainly in the countries of incorporation or registration, the investments are in equity share capital and they are all 100% owned unless stated otherwise.

FT Group  
Financial Times Group Ltd* England
Les Echos SA France
Recoletos Compañiá Editorial SA (76.4%) Spain

Pearson Education  
Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. US
Pearson Education Ltd England
Prentice Hall Inc. US
Silver BurdettGin Inc. US

The Penguin Group  
Penguin Putnam Inc. US
The Penguin Publishing Co Ltd England
Penguin Books Australia Ltd Australia

Pearson Television  
Pearson Television Ltd* England
Thames Television Ltd England
Pearson Television North America Inc. US
Pearson Television International Ltd England

*Direct investment of Pearson plc.

1998 Annual Report
* Introduction
* Chairman's statement
* Chief Executive's review
* Financial Review
* Financial Policy
* Report of the directors
* Personnel committee report
* Auditors' report
* Consolidated profit and loss account
* Consolidated balance sheet
* Consolidated statement of cash flows
* Statement of total recognised gains and losses
* Note of historical cost profits and losses
* Reconciliation of movements in equity shareholders' funds
* Principal subsidiaries and associates
* Five year summary
* Shareholder information
* Notes to the accounts


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